Mike Pence Says to West Point Graduates that World Is Dangerous Place and They Should Expect to See Combat

Vice President Mike Pence was talking in front of U.S. Military Academy graduates, saying that they will fight for America at some point in their lives, on Saturday.

“It is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for America at some point in your life. You will lead soldiers in combat. It will happen. Some of you may even be called upon to serve in this hemisphere,’’ said Pence according to CBS News.

“Some of you will join the fight against radical Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq,’’ said Pence, as he called the world a dangerous place.

In the same speech, Pence added that President Donald Trump is once again embracing our role as the leader of the free world.

“As you accept the mantle of leadership I promise you, your commander in chief will always have your back. Mr. Trump is the best friend the men and women of our armed forces will ever have.’’

Meanwhile, tensions between the United States and Iran continue to rise, as the U.S. deployed more than 1,500 troops and an aircraft carrier to the Middle East due to the whole situation.

According to the  Associated Press, West Point on Saturday graduated the school’s most diverse class ever, including 223 women, 110 African Americans and 88 Latinos. Thirty-four graduates were black women.

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