Revolutionary Guards Commander Says America Does Not Dare Attack Iran

Tensions between the United States and Iran began to rise as President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran made by the Obama administration. Since then, the rhetoric between the two countries took a more aggressive course.

On Wednesday, a senior Revolutionary Guards commander was quoted as saying that the United States and its supporters do not dare attack Iran because of its spirit of resistance.

Tensions have spiked between Iran and the U.S after Washington sent more military forces to the Middle East, including an aircraft carrier, B-52 bombers and Patriot missiles in a show of force against what U.S. officials say are Iranian threats to its troops and interests in the region, Reuters informs.

According to the Fars news agency, Major General Gholamali Rashid said: “If criminal America and its Western and regional allies don’t dare carry out a face-to-face military attack against our country it is because of the spirit of resistance and sacrifice of the people and youth.’’

An adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Hesameddin Ashena, sent a message to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday on Twitter as he said that the U.S. military deployment to the region was a deliberate provocation.

“You @SecPompeo do not bring warships to our region and call it deterrence. That’s called provocation. It compels Iran to illustrate its own deterrence, which you call provocation. You see the cycle?’’ tweeted the adviser.

President Trump also used Twitter to make a threat to Iran as he said: “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!’’

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