Trump Still Wants Moore to Sit on Fed Board Despite Scandalous Comments

According to a statement from a top White House official Larry Kudlow on Monday, President Donald Trump still wants Stephen Moore to have a seat on the Federal Reserve Board despite growing scrutiny of the conservative commentator’s past incendiary comments.

The National Economic Council Director told the reporters: “We are still behind him’’ adding that Moore is still going through the process of vetting and that there has been no change in President Trump’s position.”

On this issue, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the staff is reviewing Moore’s comments about women, but she did not reveal whether Moore had fallen out of favor or not.

Sanders said: “Certainly we are reviewing those comments and when we have an update on that front we’ll let you know.’’

According to The Hill, President Trump’s plan to nominate Moore to the Fed board has drawn blowback from critics who accuse him of trying to exert control over the politically independent body. Another loyalist whom the President sought to nominate to the board, former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, withdrew from consideration after allegations of sexual misconduct resurfaced.

Moore raised controversy over some old columns written by him for National Review as he said that women should not participate in men’s college sports unless they dress in halter sports.

Here is a small part from an old column of his from March 2002:

“Here’s the rule change I propose: No more women refs, no women announcers, no women beer vendors, no women anything.’’

On Sunday on ABC News’ “This Week’’ Moore said that he was embarrassed by some of the things he wrote, but he also called himself a victim of a smear campaign by some people who are against him being on the Fed board.

Moore said: “I’ll stand by my record and I’ll debate anybody on economics and let’s make this about the economy.’’

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