Polls Show Most Americans Agree with Democrats on Major Issues

A recent poll by Gallup has shown that when it comes to key issues such as health care, gun control and the environment, the majority of Americans agree with policies championed by Democrats in Congress.

The results of the poll released on Thursday show that 65 percent of those surveyed believe protecting the environment is more important than economic growth, while another 30 percent think otherwise. According to CNN, this is the highest prioritizing of the environment in almost two decades.

Among Democratic supporters, about 80 percent give priority to the protection of the environment, a similar figure to that of independents, with seven in ten prioritizing it. Among Republicans, this figure was significantly lower, with only 35 percent saying the same.

A new poll by Pew Research Center showed that Americans are also frustrated by the fact that corporations and the wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes. Six in ten people said they were bothered by it a great deal. Again, almost eight in ten Democrats held this opinion. Among independents, this figure was 62 percent, while 42 percent of Republicans were frustrated about corporations not paying their fair share, and 37 percent wealthy people.

Another poll by Quinnipiac University showed that 60 percent of registered voters were in favor of stricter gun control laws in the country, 87 percent of which were Democrats.

Democrats also prevailed in opposing the construction of a border wall at the southern border. A CNN poll conducted by SSRS shows that out of the 56 percent in total that did not support the building of the wall, 89 percent were Democrats.

Yet another poll on a national “Medicare-for-all” plan has revealed that over half of respondents support it, with Democrats being in the majority again (78%).

On DACA, the majority of members of both political parties, as well as independents, said they want to continue the policy and allow immigrants who meet the qualifications to remain in the country.

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