Senator Warren Calls for End of Electoral College

senator warren
Senator Elizabeth Warren

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday introduced a petition calling for an end  of the Electoral College. The move comes one day after during a town hall event she stated that she thinks that only using a national popular vote to determine presidential elections is better.

“This week, I’m spending time in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama — talking with people about what matters to them in their communities. Like how we need to rebuild rural housing and make sure everyone can find a decent place to live at a decent price,” Warren wrote in a campaign email introducing the petition.

“But the way it works right now, come general election time, presidential candidates don’t travel to every state,” she added.

Warren, who is seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, also said that “everybody running for president ought to have to come and ask for your vote.”

“We can make that happen by replacing the Electoral College with a national popular vote. Add your name if you agree that everyone’s vote should have equal weight,” she added before linking to the petition.

During a CNN town hall Monday in Mississippi, Warren called for getting rid of the Electoral College.

“We need to make sure that every vote counts,” she said Monday.

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