Democrats Move Forward with Impeachment Efforts

House Democrats seem undeterred by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments that President Donald Trump was “just not worth” impeaching and are proceeding with their push to do so.

Representative Rashida Tlaib, who announced last week that she plans to file an impeachment resolution later this month, stressed Tuesday she was still intent on pressing ahead with her plans.

“I’m going to move forward, obviously. It’s important that there is a transparent process. No one, not even the President, should be above the law,” Tlaib told reporters, noting that Pelosi’s comments did not disappoint her.

“No, absolutely not. Speaker Pelosi has always encouraged me to represent my district, has never told me to stop, has never told me to do anything differently ever,” she added, according to CNN.

Other Democrats are likewise pushing for impeachment. Texas Representative Al Green, who has previously attempted to force votes on impeachment, noted Tuesday that he plans to push for another vote on the House floor.

“There will be another vote on impeachment. I’m going to bring it to the floor of the House again,” Green pointed out without providing a specific timeline for that to happen.

Asked about Pelosi’s remarks, Green said, “This is not something new, whether the President is worth it. But it’s really not about him. It’s not about Democrats. It’s about democracy.”

However, the majority of Democrats appear to be taking Pelosi’s side and are not interested in pushing impeachment, arguing that it is too early to talk about it.

According to Representative Brad Sherman, “the impeachment will go forward” when the public shows support for removing the President from office, but for that to happen new damaging evidence is needed.

“As to when to move forward with impeachment hearings: If you call them investigatory hearings, if you call them impeachment hearings, either way, we’re showing the American people what this president has done. We’re changing public opinion and when public opinion is in support of removal, I’m confident that the impeachment will go forward,” the California Representative said Tuesday.

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