Kamala Harris Defends Green New Deal Despite Estimated Costs

kamala harris

Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris stood in defence of the Green New Deal despite its cost estimates which are vehemently high, Fox News informed.

She fully endorsed the agreement, although Republicans have cited nonpartisan estimates that trillions of dollars would be needed in order for it to be implemented.

“We as human beings have within our power the ability to change our behavior not in drastic ways, by the way, to reduce the effects of climate change,” she stated.

She also mentioned that the world is obliged to act urgently on this matter because people are in collective peril.

At the same time, she blasted the Trump administration for not thinking about the future where climate’s concerned, while focusing on science fiction rather than science facts.

Harris, D-Calif., joined Senators Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Cory Booker, D-N.J. to co-sponsor the Green New Deal resolution.

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