Marco Rubio Put in Limelight amid Venezuela Crisis

Senator Marco Rubio is in hot water amid the U.S. clash with the Maduro regime, with his policy views regarding the Trump administration influence and Latin America in the limelight, The Hill reported.

Rubio was a primary opponent of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election; however, he is now a close collaborator with the Trump administration.

Sen. Rubio joined the President on stage during a speech about the situation in Venezuela, at the International University of Florida.

The speech followed a highly publicized trip Rubio took with Trump officials to Colombia’s border with Venezuela, where they warned soldiers loyal to Maduro to allow U.S. aid into the country.

“It is one thing to hear the stories, but it is another to see firsthand the suffering of those fleeing from the cruelty of Maduro’s narco-terrorist tyranny,” Rubio told The Hill in an email. “Now is the time for the Venezuelan military to stand with their countrymen and against an illegitimate usurper who is starving his people.”

Rubio, the second-highest ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stands to gain politically from being the face of a mostly winning issue for Trump.

“[Rubio] realized if he just focuses on his issues and gives the president sound advice, he can very much increase his portfolio and his influence,” said Ryan C. Berg, a Latin America research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

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