Robert Wolf: ‘Former Vice President Biden is 90% Running for President’

Former Vice President Joe Biden is serious about entering the 2020 presidential race, sources familiar with his plans have stated.

“It’s pretty clear he’s jumping in,” one source with direct knowledge of Biden’s plans told The Hill, adding that Biden is “95 percent there.”

According to The Hill, Biden, this week, has been building support from grass-roots activists and is specifically asking donors for their help in the lead-up to an announcement.

In phone conversations, Biden has been making the case for why he’d be the best candidate in what is already a crowded field.

“Here are the facts: He’s coming off a great midterm,” said Robert Wolf, the Democratic mega-donor who confirmed he spoke to Biden on a 25-minute call on Wednesday.

“He has been the most popular surrogate during the midterms and one of the only surrogates that can play in all 50 states, and that has given him a lot of confidence that he can do well in a national election,” Wolf said. “He can campaign everywhere and that’s certainly what many people would say is an incredible strength for him.”

A Morning Consult/Politico poll found Biden with 33 percent support, compared to 15 percent support for Bernie Sanders and 10 percent support for Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, Beto O’Rourke is expected to jump into the race soon, while Sanders and Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown are still considering their candidacies.

Additionally, the former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is thinking about running for president.

Because of the large number of Democratic candidates, the vote might be split which can be beneficial for Biden.

Wolf said he came away from his phone call with Biden with the feeling that the former vice president is “90 percent” running.

“He feels incredibly excited to enter the race,” Wolf said. “He feels he would be the best candidate and he’s ready to go for it. That’s what it felt like to me.”

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