Ocasio-Cortez Praises UK Leader Corbyn Following Phone Call

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke via phone call with Britain’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, The Hill reported.

“Great to speak to @AOC on the phone this evening and hear first hand how she’s challenging the status quo,” Corbyn wrote on Twitter. “Let’s build a movement across borders to take on the billionaires, polluters, and migrant-baiters, and support a happier, freer and cleaner planet.”

Ocasio-Cortez was also thrilled to have had the conversation.

“It was an honor to share such a lovely and wide-reaching conversation with you, @jeremycorbyn!” she tweeted. “Also honored to share a great hope in the peace, prosperity, + justice that everyday people can create when we uplift one another across class, race, + identity both at home & abroad.”

The British Labour Party led by Corbyn has been opposing Prime Minister Theresa May in her efforts for the UK to withdraw from the European Union.

Corbyn has also been slammed for his leadership during the Brexit talks.

The Labour leader has also been accused of anti-Semitism; however, he has rejected the claims.

Corbyn has been known to support the liberal U.S. leaders, and has said that Senator Bernie Sanders has inspired him with some “campaign ideas.”

Ocasio-Cortez gained prominence within American politics after defeating former Representative Joe Crowley, seen by many as a possible future House Speaker. She has since gone on to become the figurehead of a left-wing resurgence within Congress.

Her stock has risen internationally as well.

Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the left-leaning Scottish National Party, praised the 29-year-old as a “clever young woman” earlier this year.

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