RNC Considers a Resolution Affirming Trump Support

Republican National Committee members are considering the adoption of a resolution in order to affirm their support of President Donald Trump, Fox News informed.

“I think if you look at what the president has sowed over the last two years – the leadership and what he’s implemented to help all Americans rise, and that’s something that the RNC has been about,” Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald told Fox News.

The RNC’s resolutions committee members have accepted one of the two requests and declared support for the President. A competing proposal that would have formally backed the President’s second nomination in 2020 was blocked.

Supporters stated that they are disappointed and added that the party should do everything in its might in order to pave the path for Trump. However, there are still no fierce challengers.

“Everybody here loves this president. How could you not,” RNC Committeewoman Tamara Scott from Iowa told Fox News. “We are appreciative of this president and we appreciate his support of the American people.”

Another RNC member stated that the declaration that was not accepted resembled the support of the Democratic officials offered Hillary Clinton during the last cycle’s competitive primaries and caucuses. That institutional support was seen by many Democrats as an inappropriate hinderance to the ultimately unsuccessful campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

“We want to make sure that democracy was saved,” McDonald said. “We don’t want to do anything like what happened with the DNC last cycle. We want to make sure the RNC is above board. But we are supporting this president.”

Party officials said the resolution does not foreclose a challenge to the President.

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