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Your Daily Polling Update for Thursday, January 24, 2019

Down 1 from yesterday

RON’S COMMENT: The shutdown appears to be pulling down President Trump’s approval rating. Today’s average is based on eight polls, ranging from 36% (CBS) to 44% (Rasmussen). Without these two extremes, it would be still 41%…. Trump’s disapproval rating averages 56% today, which is 15 points higher than his approval rating…. A week ago, for example, The Economist poll had Trump at 45% and now it has him at 42%.

Among voters nationwide

Who do you think is better at Washington gamesmanship––President Donald Trump or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

Pelosi: 41%
Trump: 35%

RON’S COMMENT: 10% of Democrats, 65% of Republicans and 26% of independents believe Trump is better at DC gamesmanship…. 67% of Democrats, 17% of Republicans and 33% of independents believe Pelosi is better.

Among voters nationwide

Do you think it would be a good thing or a bad thing for the United States to move away from capitalism and more toward socialism?

Good thing: 24%
Bad thing: 54%
Don’t know: 22%

RON’S COMMENT: While most voters think moving toward socialism would be bad rather than good, it’s interesting that a substantial amount––more than one in five––don’t know. Perhaps capitalists need to do some public education? …. Party difference: More Democrats view a move toward socialism as a good thing than a bad thing (40-34). Independents, on the other hand, say it’s a bad thing (43-24), as do Republicans, who do so overwhelmingly (80-8 )…. There is also a generational difference: 30% of voters under 45 years old say moving toward socialism is a good thing, compared to 19% of those 45 and older…. Interestingly, 11% of Trump voters say moving toward socialism is a good thing, compared to 40% of Hillary Clinton voters.

Among voters nationwide

How frustrated and upset are you — if at all — with _____ these days?

Extremely frustrated/upset with Trump: 41%
Very frustrated/upset with Trump: 12%
Total frustration/upset: 53%

Extremely frustrated/upset with Republicans in Congress: 33%
Very frustrated/upset with Republicans in Congress: 18%
Total frustration/upset: 51%

Extremely frustrated/upset with Democrats in Congress: 31%
Very frustrated/upset with Democrats in Congress: 16%
Total frustration/upset: 47%

RON’S COMMENT: Total public frustration and upset with Trump has gone up 3 points over the past two years….Total public frustration with Republicans in Congress has gone down 6 points over the past two years…. Total public frustration with Democrats in Congress has gone down 1 point over the past two years…. The good news for Republicans in Congress is that they have Trump as their lightning rod. But, as the last elections showed, when Democrats can tie Trump to GOP candidates in swing districts, local Republican candidates are subject to taking a hit.

Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.

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