Tennessee Lawmaker Proposes Dress Code Bill for Parents

A lawmaker from Tennessee has proposed a bill enforcing a dress code for parents when visiting their children in schools, Newsweek reported.

“This minimum code of conduct would be something that covers every single person that steps foot on the campus,” Parkinson said on WMC-5. “We’re not trying to criminalize anyone, so in regards to this, more of what we’re doing is educating and creating awareness of the fact that our education institution should be held at a higher standard,” State Representative Antonio Parkinson said Tuesday.

According to CBS affiliate WREG, the idea came after Parkinson received complaints from parents concerned by the inappropriate clothes other parents were wearing into schools.

“I’ve heard some concerns from principals,” he said. “They say you’d be surprised at some of the stuff that we see.”

Although Parkinson is addressing the issue in the legislation, he revealed that specific details surrounding the proposed dress code will be defined by each state school district.

“I visualize clothes that are not sexually suggestive,” the lawmaker said. “Not wearing things that might encourage or suggest gang activity.”

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