Steve Carell to Launch a ‘Space Force’ Comedy Series on Netflix

Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, who previously teamed up on the U.S. version of the beloved sitcom “The Office,” are making a “Space Force” comedy series for Netflix, the streaming giant announced last week, Space reports.

Carell will star in the show, which draws its inspiration from the new military branch that President Donald Trump wants to establish to help secure American dominance of the final frontier.

The show’s recently-created Twitter handle, ”@realspaceforce,” says the series is “coming soon to Netflix. ”

Netflix is drawing on talent it knows is hard to find, and “The Office”, created over a decade ago, is widely-believed to be the most streamed show on Netflix, CNBC adds.

President Trump first floated the idea for a standalone Space Force in March last year, as the plan quickly gained popularity within the administration and Vice President Mike Pence announced in August a detailed plan for Trump’s vision.

The Space Force would be the first military branch in over 70 years if it comes to pass, envisioned as an independent service within the Air Force, in much the same mold as the U.S. Marine Corps, which is a bona fide branch but is officially part of the Department of the Navy.

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