Kamala Harris to Decide on 2020 Run Soon

kamala harris

California Senator Kamala Harris published a new memoir this week, hinting on a 2020 presidential run, arguing that the American people deserve a capable leader. At the same time, she criticized President Donald Trump for storming off the shutdown meeting with Democratic leaders, who refused to meet his demand for border wall funding.

In a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Harris said she would soon make the final decision as to whether to challenge Trump for the White House, adding that the U.S. was ready for a woman of color to be president.

“We have to give the American people more credit, and we have to understand that the American public and the people of our country are smart people, who will make decisions about who will be their leader, based on who they believe is capable, who they believe has an honest desire to lead, to represent, to see them, to be a voice for them even if they have no power,” she said.

Harris expressed her belief that the American people were smart and ultimately based their decisions on what is best for them. She added that she was confident that would also be the case in 2020 or any other election.

Harris then talked about the shutdown, saying that it has thrown people’s lives into chaos and arguing they deserved a better leader than the current president.

“It is a false choice to suggest that we’re going to hold 800,000 federal workers and all of the services that they provide hostage for this president’s vanity project,” she noted, before comparing Trump’s behavior to that of a child throwing a tantrum.

In making her case against agreeing to President Trump’s demand, she stressed that as with children behaving unreasonably, such behavior should not be rewarded.

She further chided Trump for including race into his prime-time speech, calling it “blatant” and accusing the President of sowing fear and hate.

“It was blatant. Talking about African-Americans and Latinos, don’t want this stuff happening. What was that supposed to be about? Tell me that — if not inserting race in a way that was intended to create fear and division,” she continued, pointing out that that is not the behavior of a true leader.

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