Conway Accuses Congress, Courts of Inciting Crisis at Border, Hedges on Use of Emergency Powers

The senior counselor to President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway stated that White House attorneys are focused to identify the legal implications of declaring a national emergency in order to build the border wall, and accused Congress as well as the courts for creating the crisis at the Southern Border, Fox News informed.

In an interview for the Fox News she claimed that the President is thinking of declaring national emergency in order to bypass the Congress and the budget stalemate in Washington. Trump wants $5.6 billion to fund the wall.

The declaration of national emergency would draw legal challenges, and Trump stated he would like to continue negotiations for now.

“There are probably some people who want him (Trump) to declare it (the emergency) so that Congress, again, can fail to do its job,” she said. “The Congress and the courts have failed to do their jobs. They’ve given us this crisis.”

Conway stood in defense of the word “crisis” to describe the situation at the border, and spoke about illegal drugs that enter the U.S. through Mexico.

The talks about ending the government shutdown are stalled due to Trump’s demand for the wall. He offered to build the wall with steel instead of concrete.

However, Democrats made clear that they are against any type of border wall, and the materials are not the problem.

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