Pompeo Says Border Security Is an ‘Important Part of American Sovereignty’

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday discussed President Donald Trump’s attempts to strengthen the border between the United States and Mexico, saying that strong border security is crucial on protecting the nation, Fox News informed.

Sean Hannity from Fox News asked him if the immigration discussion should be seen “as a national security issue,” and Pompeo stated that people should “be very serious about this.”

“Border security is an important part of American sovereignty and keeping Americans safe,” Pompeo stated. “There is a central role to make sure that we know who’s coming in and what is coming in to our country and President Trump is doing the right thing in making sure we understand what’s moving across that border and we do so with enough border security so we have confidence and we can do this on behalf of the American people.”

Earlier Thursday, the President made his latest appeal for the Congress to provide financial support for his border wall he promised in the campaign. Trump stated that the protection is pretty much needed in U.S.

The funding of the wall is a controversial topic as there is an ongoing government shutdown.

“The people of our country want it. I have never had so much support as I have in the last week over my stance for border security, for border control and for, frankly, the wall or the barrier,” Trump said. “I have never had anything like it in terms of calls coming in, in terms of people writing and tweeting and doing whatever they have to do. I’ve never had this much support.”

Pompeo believes that the border security is quite at risk currently.

“There are lots of things that come across that southern border that we need to get control of and President Trump is determined to make that happen,” Pompeo said.

Turning the focus to North Korea, Hannity asked Pompeo whether Trump plans second meeting with Kim Jong-un, and if this meeting will help the denuclearization of this rogue country.

Pompeo replied that he’d “be surprised if we get all the way home in this meeting although it would be fantastic if we did.”

“I don’t want to tell you exactly what our negotiating strategy is but suffice it to say, I think we have set the conditions where we can make real progress when Chairman Kim and President Trump meet and take down the threat to the United States and to the world that has been, you know frankly, holding America hostage for so long in North Korea,” Pompeo said. “It’ll be good for South Korea, it’ll be good for Japan, it’ll be good for all of the world,” he continued.

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