‘Need to Impeach’ Campaign Gains over 3mn Signatures in 2018

Over three million people have joined to back an effort to impeach President Donald Trump in 2018, and with Democrats advancing control in the House of Representatives, it is believed it is merely a start.

Over the last year, close to three million people have signed up for the campaign dubbed ‘Need to Impeach’ which is aiming to push Congress to launch a legal process to impeach President Trump, spokesman Erik Olvera said in a statement for Newsweek.

“We spent the last year raising up our supporters’ voices to ensure our elected leaders heard their messages loudly and clearly,” Olvera said. “And with Democrats controlling the House beginning next week, we’re not going to let up on our work.”

The campaign was launched in October 2017 by Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer, and currently, it has over 6.5 million signatures.

“We knew there was widespread demand for Donald Trump’s removal and that demand only intensifies each time new reports of corruption surface,” Olvera said.

“We have a crook in the White House who committed crimes to ascend to power and who is now eroding our democracy from inside the Oval Office,” he said.

Olvera added that the campaign’s rapid growth underscores a demand from voters nationwide, including 80 percent of Democrats, who want elected leaders to step up and remove Trump.

“Things are bad and, each day Trump remains in office, they’re getting worse,” Olvera said. “The simple question is will members of Congress listen to voters and have the courage to impeach the President?”

Need to Impeach has held almost 40 town halls across the U.S. and claims to have helped flip 36 of 43 congressional districts it targeted in the November midterm elections, an 84 percent success rate.

The campaign mobilized it’s supporters to focus on close to 638,000 voters who do not frequently vote in the 43 districts in the midterms. About 78,650 supporters handwrote 1,645,895 note cards to people who do not vote in the midterms frequently.

Steyer spent more than $120 million on the midterm elections, including $10 million to turn the Need to Impeach movements into a powerful voting bloc.

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