ISIS Bomb Attack in Philippines Leaves 2 Dead and 30 Injured

A bomb exploded near a mall entrance in the southern Philippines on Monday, leaving two people dead and thirty injured.

Officials stated that Muslim militants who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State are suspected of carrying out the attack. The Associated Press reported that the bomb exploded near an entrance at the South Seas mall in Cotabato.

Roughly 30 people were injured in the blast, which sent debris and glass flying. Two people died en route to the hospital, according to reports.

According to the AP, the authorities recovered another bomb nearby that did not explode, and the government imposed a lockdown on the city in response to the attack.

The bomb was reportedly similar to others used in the past by local militants with ties to the Islamic State.

Major General Cirilito Sobejana told reporters that the country had recently launched an offensive against militants belonging to a group called Daulah Islamiyah and that Monday’s bombing was likely retaliation.

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