Plane Crashes in South Dakota, Causes Fire, Leaves 1 Dead

A single-engine plane crashed on Christmas evening in a residential area in Sioux Falls, leaving at least one person dead, Fox News reported.

Reports came into Metro Communications shortly after 5 p.m. that a plane had crashed into a residential area causing multiple homes to catch fire.

Emergency Manager of the Sioux Falls Regan Smith informed that at least one person died in the incident, who was assumed to be the pilot of the small frame, small engine aircraft, and there could be more fatalities.

“We’re still investigating, and there may be more fatalities,” Smith said after the incident.

Two homes sustained exterior damage from the crash, the emergency manager said, and four homes were evacuated while fire and emergency crews work to stabilize the scene.

Resident Grace Chinn told the newspaper that the plane crashed in her backyard. She and her family were home celebrating Christmas when they heard the crash.

“We felt it more than heard it,” Chinn told the paper. “It shook our whole house.”

Smith said a fire sparked by the crash was extinguished within minutes.

More information is expected to be released during a police briefing at 10:30 a.m. local time Wednesday, the Argus Leader reported.

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