Germany to Pay Thousand Survivors of Nazi Prosecution

Germany is going to give money to hundreds of survivors who fled Nazi oppression as children as a “symbolic recognition of their suffering.”

According to ABC News, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany organized the one-time compensation of roughly $2,800 and announced the deal with the German government on Monday.

About 1,000 survivors of the more than 10,000 that fled as children through the “Kindertransport” are thought to be alive today.

“This money is acknowledgment that this was a traumatic, horrible thing that happened to them,” Claims Conference negotiator Greg Schneider told the AP.

The children, mostly Jewish people, were evacuated from Germany, Poland, Austria, and Czechoslovakia starting in 1938.

“In almost all the cases the parents who remained were killed in concentration camps in the Holocaust and they have tremendous psychological issues,” Schneider said.

The German government has paid more than $80 billion since 1952 to survivors and individuals impacted by the Nazi persecution. The Claims Conference will disperse $350 million in compensation in 2019 alone.

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