Trump Increasingly Concerned He Might Get Impeached

A source close to President Donald Trump said Monday that he was becoming even more concerned about possibly being impeached when Democrats take over the House. The source added that even though the President isn’t certain it would happen, he sees it as a “real possibility.”

In recent days, talk of impeachment has ratcheted up with prosecutors in the Southern District of New York alleging that Trump directed Cohen’s activities during the 2016 campaign which eventually constituted a violation of the law.

Furthermore, Democrats have said that President Trump committed an impeachable offense and could be indicted when his term in the White House is over. The incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Representative Jerry Nadler, said Sunday that if the allegations that Trump ordered Cohen to pay hush money to two women who allegedly had affairs with the President were proven to be true, they would constitute “impeachable offenses.”

Senator Chris Coons said Monday that Trump could go to jail after his term ends.

However, for now, administration officials do not believe President Trump could be impeached as they don’t see the campaign finance issue as enough to galvanize bipartisan support for impeachment. Trump is also confident that even if he were impeached in the House, it is unlikely he would be convicted in the Senate where Republicans still have the control.

A separate source said that the campaign finance issue connected to the alleged mistresses isn’t reason enough for a Senate vote to convict and remove Trump.  These beliefs about the politics at play in impeachment proceedings are based on what White House officials believe special counsel Robert Mueller has on Trump right now, the source added.

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