LUNCHTIME POLITICS: Nation Divided – Americans on DC, System – Vegetarians and Vegans

Your Daily Polling Update for Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Same as yesterday

RON’S COMMENT: Today’s average is based on three polls, ranging from 38% (Gallup) to 48% (Rasmussen). The third poll has it at 45%…. President Trump’s disapproval rating averages 54% today, which is 10 points higher than his approval rating.

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Among adults nationwide 

Which statement comes closer to your view: Americans are united and in agreement about the most important values––or––Americans are greatly divided when it comes to the most important values? 

Americans are united: 20%
Americans are greatly divided: 77%
Don’t know: 4%

RON’S COMMENT: Americans see the country as greatly divided by nearly a four to one margin. Interestingly, there is not much difference by party on this question.

Has the country become more united, more divided, or not really changed since President Trump took office?

More united: 11%
More divided: 62%
Not really changed: 25%
Don’t know: 3%

RON’S COMMENT: 44% of Republicans, 59% of independents and 81% of Democrats say the country is more divided since Trump became president.

Looking ahead to the next year, do you think the country will grow more united, more divided, or will not much change?

More united: 21%
More divided: 34%
Not really changed: 40%
Don’t know: 5%

RON’S COMMENT: Only about one in five Americans believe the country will become more united over the next year.

Among adults nationwide

Which of the following words best describes how you feel about Washington – angry, dissatisfied, satisfied, happy?

Angry: 19%
Dissatisfied: 62%
Satisfied: 12%
Happy: 3%

RON’S COMMENT: 81% of Americans are either dissatisfied or angry about Washington and only 15% are either satisfied or happy. Not much change from a year ago, when it was 80% dissatisfied or angry and 15% satisfied or happy.

I’m going to read four statements about our American system of government. Listen carefully and then tell me which one is closest to how you feel…. 

Our system of government is basically sound and essentially needs no changes: 10%
Our system is basically sound, but needs some improvement: 42%
Our system is not too sound and needs many improvements: 26%
Our system is not sound at all and needs significant changes: 22%

RON’S COMMENT: 10% of Republicans, 23% of independents and 31% of Democrats say the “system is not sound at all and needs significant changes.” Also: 16% of Republicans, 11% of independents and 3% of Democrats say the “system is basically sound and essentially needs no changes.”

Among adults nationwide

Do you personally identify as vegetarian or vegan? 

Vegetarian: 5%
Vegan: 2%
I used to be a vegetarian or a vegan, but no longer am: 7%
I am not and have never been a vegetarian or a vegan: 86%

RON’S COMMENT: Groups with the most vegetarians are 18-29 year olds (10%) and Hispanics (9%). Groups with the most vegans are Hispanics 5%, blacks 4% and those with incomes above $100k 4%. Twice as many Democrats as Republicans say they’re vegetarians (6% vs. 3%), but more Republicans than Democrats say they’re vegans (2% vs. 1%).

Presidential job rating average based on recent nationwide polls.
VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS: The Economist/YouGov, Nov. 18-20

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