Trump Spokesperson Says John Kelly Is Not Leaving

Mercedes Schlapp, head of Strategic Communications of the White House, attempted to discard the rumors about John Kelly that he may be stepping down from his post as Chief of Staff.

Allegedly, First Lady Melania Trump was discontent with Kelly’s promotion of his own aides and refusal to promote hers, some publications have reported.

The President had reportedly spoken to Kelly to give a hand to his wife over the appointments. However, according to Schlapp, who spoke to The Washington Post Live, rumors of an imminent departure were false.

“The President has a great relationship with General Kelly. The one thing General Kelly has brought to the staff is a lot of putting the processes in place, when it comes to policy processes, ensuring that we are able to get something done from point A to point Z. That’s why we had so much success with the tax reform.”

“I’m not going to go into a ‘what if, who if’. General Kelly is with us, serving. (He is) really continuing to give us great direction,” Schlapp responded to the question whether the President would considering to appoint a woman on that post.

Schlapp also denied that she was in the running to take over as press secretary, saying, “I’m not interested in becoming press secretary, I need Sarah Sanders to stay there as long as possible.”

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