Trump Jr. Suggests Media Hypocrisy in Coverage of Clinton Comment on Holder, Booker

hillart clinton

Donald Trump Jr. blasted media outlets over their coverage of a quip by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that Sen. Cory Booker and former Attorney General Eric Holder “look alike,” Fox News informed.

“Imagine [President Trump] said the exact same thing in the exact same way,” the President’s eldest son posted on Twitter. “What would the media response be? Hysteria? Outrage? It would likely be beyond all that.”

“Because I’m hearing crickets right now after Hillary said it,” Trump Jr. added. “Wonder why.”

Clinton made the comment in an interview, when she was asked for her opinion of recent comments made by Holder that stated: “When [Republicans] go low, we kick them.”

However, the interviewer Kara Swisher thought that Booker had made that comment.

“Yeah, I know they all look alike,” said Clinton to laughter and applause from the audience.

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