Freedom Caucus Calls on Rosenstein to Testify Before House Panel

The conservative House Freedom Caucus has called on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to testify before the House Judiciary Committee or resign from his post, The Hill reported Tuesday.

“We took an official position that Rod Rosenstein needs to come in and testify before the Judiciary Committee within the week or he should resign,” HFC Chairman Mark Meadows said. He further added that “hearings without consequences are a waste of the American taxpayer dollars.”

Meadows also noted that part of the GOP leadership he has discussed the call for a hearing with was not supportive of the idea. ”Obviously there are some leadership that are supportive, there are some there are cautious and I think the American people demand action.”

Among those in favor of Rosenstein testifying was Representative Jim Jordan, a prominent member of the Freedom Caucus who is seeking to be the next Speaker.

“What would be the downside [of a hearing]?” he noted before the meeting. “The American people would like to know, was the guy running the Justice Department actually talking in front of subordinates about recording conversations with the President of the United States, with the commander in chief. Even if it was done in a sarcastic way it’s kind of weird.”

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise clearly indicated the deputy attorney general should not retain his position in the Justice Department if reports about him discussing the President’s removal from office were true.

“I’ve been real concerned about the direction that Rosenstein is taking. He, you know, I think even joking about the 25th Amendment challenge to the President, there’s no place for that and he ought to resign,” he said.

House Republicans are on a tight schedule due to their upcoming campaigning for the November midterms, but Meadows said that he was nonetheless confident they can “find a date that works for the deputy attorney general.”

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