Clinton Lacks Backing to Win White House, Dem Pollster Says

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Hillary Clinton probably should think twice if she plans a third run at the presidency in 2020, and one Democratic pollster advises her against it, Fox News informed.

Molly Murphy, a partner at ALG Research, issued a statement that according to recent poll results from American Barometer reveal that Clinton does not have enough support to be elected as President.

The poll found that 44 percent of the voters would support her bid if the 2016 elections were to be held again.

“That’s not enough to get you re-elected,” Murphy told Joe Concha, host of Hill.TV’s “What America’s Thinking,” the Hill reported.

She also said that these numbers reflect just those who really believe in her and still want her to be President.

However, in order to win a general election the candidate should build a support beyond the base.

On the other hand, the poll suggests that President Trump would also struggle to repeat his win in 2016 with only 36 percent of the voters saying that they will once again cast their vote for him.

“I think that what that poll shows is that neither one of those candidates are even within a couple of points of 50 percent,” Murphy told Concha.

Meanwhile, a previous American Barometer poll, released in July, raised questions about whether Democratic voters were drifting to the socialist far left following Trump’s victory over Clinton.

That poll found that 64 percent of Democratic voters said they would not back a socialist, the poll said, according to the Hill. (The figure was 76 percent for all voters.)

Among voters who said they backed Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, the support for socialists was even lower: Just 59 percent said they would support a socialist candidate.

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