Alaska Senator Warns Trump Against Firing Sessions

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan said in an interview Sunday that it would not be politically wise for President Donald Trump to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions, cautioning strongly against such a move.

Sullivan, who spoke on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” said that regardless of strained relations between the President and his attorney general, Sessions has not committed any “fireable offenses” and should thus remain in his post. Trump has the legal authority to fire Sessions, but doing so would be politically unwise, Sullivan noted.

“I supported Jeff Sessions when he was nominated. I certainly voted for him and I think he’s doing a good job,” the senator said. “Would it be politically wise? I don’t think so, and I support Jeff Sessions and the job he’s doing right now.”

The attorney general has often been criticized by  President Trump for his decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. The President also blasted Sessions for what he said was his failure to grasp “what is happening underneath his command position,” accusing him of turning a blind eye to Democratic misdeeds and failing to crack down on “corruption.”

Last month, Trump also said Sessions had “never taken control of his department.” Sessions immediately responded to the criticism, saying he would “not be improperly influenced” by political pressure.

In a Thursday interview, Trump also stressed that his attorney general’s job was safe at least until the November 6 midterms, indicating that he could likely fire him afterwards. Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett similarly said on Sunday that Sessions would be gone after the midterm elections, suggesting that Trump appoint Representative John Ratcliffe to the post.

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