Trump Attacks Media at Indiana Rally

President Donald Trump, while speaking at a rally in Indiana, once again blasted news media, calling NBC “worse than CNN” and attacking a New York Times reporter over her coverage of his past crowd size, maintaining the reporter “doesn’t have a clue” but “pretends she knows what she is talking about.”

President Trump further called reporters “dishonest, terrible people” and even though he did not mention them by name, he referenced a story in the Times last week co-bylined by Maggie Haberman and Katie Rogers. According to their story, the President was disappointed during a last week’s rally in West Virginia and told a person close to him that the “crowd seemed flat and that some chairs were empty,” The Hill reports.

“She made the statement that President Trump was disappointed to see some empty chairs,” he said. “And he was so disappointed at the tone in the room.”

During the rally where Trump spoke in support of Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun, the President called the newspaper the “failing New York Times” claiming it would be out of business if he weren’t in office.

Haberman later tweeted the following: “Trump was so upset by this detail that we, and other outlets, reported, that he focused his ire at NYT and had to be talked out of tweeting about it. He’s getting it out of his system tonight.”

Trump further noted during the rally that the head of CBC Andy Lack may be fired soon, calling it “smart” and “a great thing to do.” President Trump has often attacked news outlets over their negative coverage of his administration, calling them “fake news.”

On Thursday, Trump also went after incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly, whom he called “sleeping Joe.”

“A vote for Mike’s opponent, sleepy Joe, is a vote for Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and who else? Maxine Waters,” Trump said, naming three of his vocal critics.

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