Three U.S. Cities to Honor Senator McCain

Senator John McCain’s family released Sunday details of his memorial service which is to take place for five days in three different cities.

CNN reports that the body of the deceased Arizona senator will lie in state at the Arizona State Capitol on Wednesday, while a private ceremony will be held between two public viewings so that people can pay their respects. McCain will be the third in the past four decades to lie in state in that building. Only Arizona state Senator Marilyn Jarrett and Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens have lain there since 1980.

The following day, on August 30 McCain’s body will be moved by motorcade to North Phoenix Baptist Church where his life and legacy are to be celebrated in a memorial service. A statement said that the senator’s “family, friends, along with national, state, local and tribal officials, and business leaders from across the state of Arizona have been invited to attend the service.”

Later that day, McCain’s body will depart from Arizona and be flown to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Upon arrival, McCain will be received by armed forces body bearers.

On Friday, McCain will lie in state at the United States Capitol. Around 11 a.m. ET, a formal ceremony celebrating his life and service will commence, which will be covered live on CNN.

Later in the day, the public will have a chance to view the casket and pay its last respects. Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii was the last lawmaker to receive this honor.

On September 1, a memorial service for McCain will be held at the National Cathedral in Washington where mourners will gather to attend it. The senator’s family said that “friends, congressional colleagues, and staff, as well as U.S. and international leaders, have been invited to attend and participate in the service.”

On Sunday afternoon, a private memorial service will take place at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, which will be followed by a private burial ceremony.

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