GOP Representative Accused of Insider Trading Says He Will Run for Reelection

Republican Representative Chris Collins on Wednesday stated that he will run again even though federal prosecutors charged him for insider trading.

“As I fight to clear my name, rest assured, I will continue to work hard for the people and constituents of the 27th congressional district of New York, and I will remain on the ballot running for re-election this November,” he said at a brief press appearance, where he also promised he would be exonerated from all charges.

According to The Hill, the three-term congressman promised to wage “a vigorous defense” in court and said he looked forward to being “fully vindicated and exonerated,” but did not take questions from reporters following the conference.

Collins, who was the first active politician that endorsed President Donald Trump, was accused of securities fraud, wire fraud, and making false statements related to his role as a board member of an Australian pharmaceutical company in which he was heavily invested.

His son Cameron, and the father of Cameron’s fiancée, Stephen Zarsky, were also charged Wednesday for the same crimes.

Collins, in an email addressed to his supporters and obtained by the New York Times , said that he plans to be “on the ballot for reelection this November.”

He also tweeted on Wednesday that he intended to “fight to clear my name.”

“I am proud to represent the people of #NY27. The charges being brought against me are meritless and I intend to fight to clear my name. I will continue to work hard for the people of #NY27 and earn your vote this November,” Collins wrote.

Collins pleaded not guilty during his arraignment Wednesday in the southern district of New York, the first step in what could be a lengthy legal battle with federal prosecutors.

The congressman is alleged to have helped family and friends avoid more than $768,000 in losses through stocks tips based on confidential information, The Hill reported.

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