Dershowitz and Avenatti Had a Heated Discussion

Alan Dershowitz, a respected legal analyst, had a heated discussion with the attorney representing Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, over whether and when Avenatti had conversations with Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former attorney and “fixer”.

The sparring took place on CNN, where Dershowitz asked Avenatti how he could speak with Cohen without first talking with Cohen’s counsel.

The discussions came after a report said that Avenatti told Cohen the two men should work together against Trump during a random encounter at a dinner last week.

“He did, according to press reports, have a conversation with Mr. Cohen at a restaurant, and that raises some questions, because you know you’re not supposed to speak to somebody who’s counseled, as a lawyer, and ask him whether you want to get together and hurt Trump,” Dershowitz said.

“I don’t know if that occurred, but if it did occur, [I think] Michael has to do some explaining,” he added.

Avenatti responded by saying that Dershowitz should not speak about a matter he had no knowledge about.

“Alan, you really need to start talking only about things that you know about as opposed to things you have no knowledge about,” Avenatti said. “You have no knowledge of the communications that went on between me and Michael Cohen’s representatives…long before that restaurant meeting.”

Avenatti later reminded Dershowitz that he had been uninvited from dinner parties in Martha’s Vineyard over his stance on the special counsel investigation.

Dershowitz earlier this month said that his calls for Robert Mueller’s investigation to end had made him an outcast among his liberal friends.

“You just make it up as you go along,” Avenatti added. “You need to go back and concentrate on what invites you get at Martha’s Vineyard since that appears to be what you are really good at.”

Avenatti previously stated that he would be interested in representing Cohen against Trump if he were willing.

“If he was prepared to do the right thing, come clean, and basically turn state’s evidence, I would absolutely consider it,” Avenatti said last week. “Michael Cohen and I actually had the chance to converse.”

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