Manafort Called His Work for Ukrainian Viktor Yanukovych as ‘Most Satisfying’ in His Career

The former campaign head of President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, at one time stated that his work on Ukrainian politician Viktor Yanukovych’s presidential campaign in 2010 was the “most satisfying” in his career,

Manafort’s statement was found in one of the court documents released by his defense team on Thursday.

According to The Washington Post, Manafort’s lawyers released hundreds of documents that they are requesting jurors be blocked from viewing ahead of his trial, set to start next week.

“It is readily apparent that the Special Counsel intends to offer evidence concerning matters that are irrelevant to this tax and bank fraud trial,” Manafort’s lawyers wrote in a court filing on Thursday, The Post reported.

The released documents include those on Manafort’s political work in Ukraine, dating back to 2005.

“Having worked campaigns for the last 35 years, this one will be at the top of the list of most satisfying,” Manafort wrote in a note to a group of political strategists after Yanukovych won the 2010 presidential election in Ukraine.

Manafort’s defense team also shared a 2013 memo discussing how a group of former European politicians, known as the Hapsburg group, was attempting to promote Ukraine, The Post wrote.

“The Hapsburg team will also do a series of events … to also influence key members of the US government through private meetings held at the highest levels.”

Manafort is set to go to trial next week on bank and tax fraud charges.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has also submitted charges against Manafort in a separate trial, with the charges being a failure to register as a foreign agent.

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