Jim Jordan is Bidding for House Speaker

Republican Representative Jim Jordan, in a letter to colleagues asking for their support, announced his bid for Speaker.

“President Trump has taken bold action on behalf of the American people,” Jordan wrote in the Dear Colleague Letter released exclusively to The Hill. “Congress has not held up its end of the deal, but we can change that.”

Jordan in the letter said that his first mission will be keeping Republican control of the House.

“After that, we can focus on filling the vacancy resulting from Speaker Ryan’s retirement from Congress,” he wrote. “At that time, I plan to run for Speaker of the House to bring real change to Congress.”

His priorities will be repealing the Affordable Care Act, building a security wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, and fixing the “broken immigration system.”

“Many believe that our congressional majorities have let them down,” he wrote. “Beyond tax relief and regulatory reform, the American people want us to follow through with our promises.”

The Daily Caller was the first to write about Jordan’s plans, which were later confirmed by The Hill.

The Hill wrote that Jordan has been considered to be a possible candidate to replace current Speaker Paul Ryan since Ryan announced in April that he would not be seeking reelection.

Ryan, however, stated on Thursday that he would not support Jordan as his replacement.

“I’m not going to be here,” he said. “I support [House Majority Leader] Kevin McCarthy. Everybody knows that.”

McCarthy in 2015 didn’t manage to receive the required votes to become Speaker; however, now he is reportedly eyeing a bid for the seat.

Meanwhile, Jordan bidding for Speaker has been hurt by allegations from former wrestlers at Ohio State University (OSU) claiming that Jordan turned a blind eye to reports of sexual abuse when he coached at OSU.

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