Senior VA Official Shared Discriminatory Comments Against Muslims on Social Media

A senior official at the Department of Veterans Affairs is spreading conspiracy theories about the birth certificate of former President Obama. The official also made discriminatory remarks against Muslims on social media.

According to CNN, Thayer Verschoor, the executive director of intergovernmental affairs for the VA, made or shared most of the controversial comments on his Facebook page while working for the Trump campaign in Arizona.

Verschoor, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, and the VA did not return CNN’s requests for comment, and Verschoor made his Facebook private after CNN asked about the posts, according to the report.

CNN wrote that Verschoor shared a Facebook post titled “Why Vote For Donald Trump” that referenced the Obama birth certificate conspiracy theory and negative theories about vaccines.

“He thinks Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud [check out his SS#, no draft card/ old passport/ E-verification status, school records [remember his dad isn’t American therefore he isn’t qualified for the office he’s in],” the post read, referring to Trump, who on several occasions has questioned the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate.

The post also appeared to refer to a Muslim “problem” in the country.

“He realizes we have a Muslim problem in this nation,” it said.

The official also shared posts calling for a ban on Muslim people entering the U.S., a policy that marked Trump’s presidential campaign.

“Donald Trump is right to temporarily ban Muslims till we know what the heck is going on,” he wrote in one post in January 2016.

Verschoor is the former Arizona state Senate majority leader. He previously worked as a special assistant at the Department of Agriculture before moving to the VA last year.

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