NASA Gets Emmy Nomination for Cassini’s ‘Grand Finale’ at Saturn

NASA ‘s coverage of the Cassini spacecraft’s Grand Finale at Saturn received an Emmy nomination.

According to Space, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences nominated NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for an Emmy in the Outstanding Original Interactive Program category for streaming and make it a global spectacle the Cassini’s final moments before crashing on Saturn.

On September 15, 2017, Cassini, after spending 20 years in space and 13 years in the Saturn system, began plunging toward the planet in an epic dive.

Cassini’s ending dive took the spacecraft between the planet and its rings. Live footage showed Cassini’s plunge into the planet’s atmosphere, and the spacecraft continued to send data back to Earth until its last moments.

Space reported that aside from the live coverage, JPL staff shared the significance of this moment in an expansive campaign. They made the public interested in Cassini’s journey using posts and live videos on social media platforms; the mission’s website; television broadcasts; 360-degree videos (including NASA’s first 360-degree live stream of a mission event inside JPL mission control); education and press materials; illustrations and artistic renderings of the plunge; a short film that showcased the drama and history of the mission; and real-time tracking of every last moment of Cassini’s journey.

The media coverage as well as the epic images made by Cassini during its final journey led to this nomination:

“NASA mission coverage isn’t typically first in line for awards like this, but Cassini brought Saturn to Earth in an unprecedented way. The mission highlighted Saturn’s beauty and revealed details about the origin and composition of the planet, its rings, and its 60 moons,” Space wrote.

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