Fox News Reporter Says Trump’s Attacks on Other Media are ‘Unfair’

Fox News reporter John Roberts criticized President Donald Trump on Friday for his attacks out at the media during an international press conference.

According to The Hill, in a joint press conference on Friday morning with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump attacked CNN and NBC, lashing out at reporters from both networks.

Trump’s attacks on the media came after NBC reporter Kristen Welker asked if his criticisms of U.S. allies help Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“That’s such dishonest reporting,” Trump said in response. “Of course it happens to be NBC, which is possibly worse than CNN.”

Meanwhile, Roberts issued a statement following the President’s remarks, defending Welker’s reporting and calling Trump’s comments “unfair.”

“I know [Kristen] Welker of NBC,” Roberts said in a statement. “She is honest as the day is long. For the President to call her dishonest is unfair.”

During the same press conference, Trump also dismissed a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, turning instead to give Roberts a question.

“Since you attacked CNN can I ask you a question?” Acosta said, referencing an earlier barb from the President.  

“CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN,” Trump responded.

“Let’s go to a real network,” the President added before answering a question from Roberts.

The Hill reported that Roberts had issued a statement defending Welker and his decision to ask a question after being called on by Trump in response to backlash for not supporting Acosta.

In the statement, Roberts said he had proceeded with his question when “it became clear that the President wasn’t going to entertain a question from [Acosta].”

“As did my fellow colleagues in the press corps,” Roberts added.

But Roberts, who used to work at CNN, defended the network in his statement.

“I also used to work at CNN,” Roberts added. “There are some fine journalists who work there and risk their lives to report on stories around the world. To issue a blanket condemnation of the network as ‘fake news’ is also unfair.”

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