Judge Orders Flynn to Appear at Hearing to Discuss Possible Sentencing

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn was ordered by a federal judge on Monday to appear at a hearing next week to discuss plans for his eventual sentencing in the Russia investigation.

Both Flynn’s legal team and prosecutors for the special counsel have requested recently that his sentencing be delayed for another two months. Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators late last year, has since been cooperating with Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

However, CNN writes, the judge overseeing the case, Judge Emmett Sullivan, is showing impatience and has ordered everyone to appear for a hearing next week. This would be the former national adviser’s first court appearance since December. The special counsel will then have the opportunity to indicate how Flynn is helping his investigation amid harsh criticism by President Donald Trump and his GOP allies.

Prosecutors demanding a delay also requested that a probation officer prepare a report on Flynn’s background and how it fits with sentencing guidelines, in a departure from standard procedure.

When asked about the reason for their request, prosecutors simply offered “the status of the Special Counsel’s investigation,” which Judge Sullivan rejected as insufficient. Prosecutors and attorneys for Flynn further said in a court filing Monday that their request would ensure an “expedited sentencing,” without haste, whenever both sides were ready.

“Although this matter is not ready for sentencing, the parties intend to request that a sentencing hearing be scheduled promptly once the matter becomes ready for sentencing,” they said.

Following the filing, the judge scheduled a hearing for July 10 with Flynn in attendance.

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