Bannon Says Midterm Elections ‘Up or Down Vote’ on Impeachment

President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, called the upcoming November midterm elections an “up or down vote on the impeachment” of the President.

“This is Trump’s first [re-election],” Bannon told ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl on “This Week” Sunday. “It’s going to be this November.”

Bannon’s comments referred to the possibility that should Democrats retake a simple majority in the House of Representatives they could start a process to impeach Trump. However, even if the House voted on and approved impeachment, the President would have to be convicted by a two-thirds super-majority of senators in order for him to be removed from office, something which has never happened in U.S. history.

Despite Bannon’s remarks, Democratic lawmakers in Congress have not implied that they would push for a vote on impeachment.

The former chief strategist also said that if Republicans want to win in the midterm elections, candidates have to act as if Trump is “on the ballot.”

“It’s very simple, November 6th, up or down vote … up or down vote on the impeachment of Donald Trump. I’ll tell you what, you get to then look at … the growth of the economy,” he added.

Bannon warned, however, that Republicans should not run on their tax cut if they are to win the November midterms.

“The Republican establishment has spent all this money trying to get people to love the tax cut,” Bannon said, adding that a top Republican donor, Charles Koch, told GOP House members, ‘Hey, guys, if you run on that [tax cut] you’re going to lose 40 seats’.”

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