Trump Won’t Sit for Interview with Mueller Until He Gets Documents on Informant

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on Tuesday that the President will not sit for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller until his legal team is allowed to review documents pertaining to the FBI’s use of an informant to interact with members of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“We need all the documents before we can decide whether we are going to do an interview,” Giuliani said in an interview with The Washington Post.

His demand further increases the pressure that the President and his legal team are trying to put on Mueller’s investigators looking into alleged coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Even though Giuliani had previously maintained Trump has not done anything wrong and is willing to be interviewed by the special counsel, on Tuesday he changed his tune, saying that he doesn’t want to make a call on the matter “until they decide whether they are going to give us the documents or not.”

The President’s lawyer further noted on Tuesday that an interview with Trump would be the last step in the investigation.

“They reserved the possibility they might have to interview a few people as a follow-up,” he said. “But they said they had pretty much finished. This was four weeks ago.”

Giuliani added that he was certain Mueller’s team was asking for an interview with President Trump because “they are pretty much finished with everything.”

When asked why the President spends so much time attacking the special counsel’s probe, Giuliani used Trump’s term “spygate,” referring to the FBI actions, which former officials have said were well within bounds.

“Spygate — that’s the reason — he’s not just ratcheted it up for no reason. He believes it is working, and he is genuinely upset about it,” Giuliani said.

On Tuesday, Trump took to Twitter to claim that the special counsel was “meddling” with the November election, saying in another tweet that Mueller’s team should instead investigate his former rival Hillary Clinton.

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