Trump Keeps his Pressure With His Attacks on DOJ, Critics Say

Donald Trump’s frequent attacks towards the U.S. Justice Department, including accusations that the FBI spied on his campaign, are perceived by some critics as seeing how far he can go along with his fight against a federal investigation that covers his administration, Bloomberg informed.

Trump has made several spicy steps since Special Counsel Robert Mueller launched an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election a year ago. First, he accused the investigators of being politically motivated, then he claimed that a spy was placed in his campaign for political reasons and he requested an investigation over these issues.

He is constantly pressuring, using tweets such as, “13 Angry Democrats” working on Mueller’s team, and a “Rigged Investigation!”

Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, who’s been in conflict with Trump for months and compared this president with Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in a Senate floor speech, said there is “a lot of alarm” about the President’s tactics, even among members of his own party, and that Republicans in Congress must do more to stand up to him.

“I’ve been concerned that we haven’t spoken up loudly enough and told the President, ‘You simply can’t go there’,” Flake said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And he’s obviously probing the edges as much as he can to see how far Congress will go, and we’ve got to push back harder than we have.”

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