Giuliani Says There is a Good Chance North Korea Will Release U.S. Hostages

Rudy Giuliani, who is the newest addition to President Donald Trump’s legal team, gave a hint on Saturday that the Trump administration is working to secure the release of three U.S. citizens currently held in North Korea.

Speaking at the Iran Freedom Convention in Washington, Giuliani told an audience that such a release could happen “over the next several days.”

“There is a good chance that the three longtime hostages in North Korea will be released over the next several days,” he said.

CNN reported that Giuliani has said that he didn’t know the current status of the three prisoners being held by the country: Kim Dong Chul, Kim Sang Duk, and Kim Hak Song. Kim Hak Song and Kim Sang Duk are being kept on charges of committing “hostile acts” in the country, while Kim Dong Chul is being held on espionage charges.

Meanwhile, Giuliani instead said only that the administration is “working on it,” stating, “I’m not privy to what they’re doing. I’m reading the newspapers like you are.”

“I think the less said about it right now, the better,” he went on. “We could have three people released.”

Meanwhile, Trump stated on Friday that his administration was now in “constant contact” with North Korean officials over the release of the prisoners, adding that reporters should “stay tuned.”

“We’re doing very well with the hostages. We’re in constant contact with the leadership. We are in constant contact with North Korea,” he said.

In 2017 North Korea set free an American student Otto Warmbier, who was held hostage by the country for 17 months before dying shortly after his release.

Doctors said that injuries received during his captivity are responsible for his death.

Trump and North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un are scheduled to have a meeting later this year.

The president announced that a date and location have been set for the meeting and will be announced soon.

“We now have a date. And we have a location. We’ll be announcing it very soon,” Trump said on Friday.

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