Democrats Took Over Two Republican Held Seats in Special Elections

Two state legislative seats were took over by Democratic candidates on Tuesday in the Northeast. According to The Hill this is another indication for the party that a blue wave is forming ahead of November’s midterm elections.

Voters made their choice In New Hampshire, where Laconia residents elected substance abuse counselor Philip Spagnuolo over his  Republican counterpart Les Cartier, who is a former state employee, in a district where U.S. President Donald Trump won by a lead of 13 points during the 2016 presidential elections.

The district seat opened up when the previous occupant Republican state Representative Donald Flanders died in September.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, Democrat Philip Young won over Republican Bill Cabral in the Stratford-based district that the Republican party was dominating for decades despite the fact that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton won with a narrow plurality there in 2016.

Both Young and Cabral were former Stratford town councilmembers. The seat was freed when Republican state Representative Laura Hoydick resigned in order to become the mayor of Stratford.

The Hill reports that the wins on Tuesday night extend the Democratic advantage in special elections held since Trump was inaugurated last year. In 2018 alone, Democrats have won Republican-held state legislative seats in Wisconsin, Florida, Kentucky and Missouri. The New Hampshire seat is the fifth Democrats have taken from Republicans since Trump’s inauguration.

None of the elections are going to contribute to a change in local politics in both New Hampshire or Connecticut. Republicans still have considerate majority in the New Hampshire state House, while Democrats have just strengthened their already dominating majority in their state House in Connecticut.

National Democrats on several occasions gloated on how they spent significantly more money then previous elections in both races, additionally another group run by former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander spent a big amount of money in the New Hampshire special election, which shows that the Democrats are going to do everything to take back the control over the nation. 


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