Melania Trump Terminates Contract with Friend Paid Millions by Trump’s Inauguration Committee

A report says that First Lady Melania Trump has terminated her contract with her personal adviser whose company received millions of dollars from President Donald Trump’s inauguration committee.

The New York Times reported Monday that the first lady’s office ended the contract with Stephanie Winston Wolkoff last week. Winston Wolkoff has been friends with Melania Trump for years and was working for her on a contract basis as an unpaid senior adviser.

The first lady’s spokeswoman told The Times that the office had “severed the gratuitous services contract with Ms. Wolkoff,” who had been working as “a special government employee” on certain projects. 

“We thank her for her hard work and wish her all the best,” the spokeswoman said.

Earlier this month, the Times wrote that Winston Wolkoff’s event-planning firm received nearly $26 million from President Trump’s inaugural committee, as well as $1.62 million that she received personally from the committee. The Trumps were reportedly upset by the Times report, and the president was furious that Winston Wolkoff’s close friend, David Monn helped plan events for the inauguration. Apparently, Monn’s company was paid $3.7 million for the work.

Winston Wolkoff told The Times that the White House informed her “that all gratuitous volunteer contracts were ended” and said she still expected to have a strong relationship with Melania Trump.

“I expect to remain a trusted source for advice and support on an informal basis,” she said.

The former adviser also defended her work on the inauguration and hit the Times report as “completely unfair,” but did not highlight any inaccurate information.

Although Inauguration committee chairman Tom Barrack promised that any of the record $107 million that were raised by the committee and not used during the events are going to be donated to charity, he still has not revealed where those funds have gone.

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