Kamala Harris Paving Her Road for 2020 Presidential Elections

Senator Kamala Harris is progressively positioning herself for a what it looks like to be a crowded Democratic primary for the 2020 presidential elections.

Harris is a former California attorney general, that now is at her second year in the Senate.

Apparently she is taking positions that could endear herself with the Democratic base, while allowing her to stand out from a group of Democrats who might seek the progressive mantle.

Harris earlier this month voted against a Senate immigration bill that was backed by centrists from both parties where later she confronted with several liberals including Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who both supported the measure.

According to The Hill, she argued that while the bill would provide a pathway to citizenship for young immigrants who entered the country illegally, it was a step too far because of the inclusion of money for President Donald Trump’s wall on the Mexican border, and that she could not support it in good conscience.

“While this bill would put Dreamers on a pathway toward citizenship, the appropriation of $25 billion for a border wall is a waste of taxpayer money,” she said.

“A wall will not secure our border and I remain concerned those billions of dollars may also be used to implement this Administration’s anti-immigrant agenda – one that targets California and its residents.”

The Hill also reported that Harris sought to highlight her positions on gun control where she made her look as a hard-core critic of the National Rifle Association.

Thursday, she was among the first to respond on the attack from NRA’s chief at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“I am not going to be silenced by attacks from the NRA or anyone else,” she wrote on Twitter, minutes after NRA chief Wayne LaPierre labeled Harris and other Democrats as “new European-style socialists bearing down upon us.”


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