Explosive Device Thrown at U.S. Embassy in Montenegro

An explosive device was thrown by an unidentified man at the U.S. embassy compound in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. The attack happened around midnight, while the attacker committed suicide shortly after with what was probably a hand grenade.

Government agencies reported that there are no casualties. Meanwhile, a report issued by the embassy confirmed that a small explosion near its compound was heard. The U.S. State Department stated that additional checks are being carried out at the moment in order for staff safety to be confirmed.

It is reported that the explosion did no damage to the building either, only a visual evidence of the explosion like blacked walls was present.

Reuters journalists in Podgorica report that policemen with sub-machine guns, as well as police vehicles, were out on the streets near the embassy building on Thursday morning just after the incident.

The government stated in a tweet that about half an hour after midnight “an unidentified male person” had committed suicide with an explosive device.

“Immediately before, that person threw an explosive device from the intersection near the Sports Center into the U.S. embassy compound.”

After citizens reported an explosion, embassy officials found a lifeless body across the street from the embassy, close to the bank of the Moraca River.

“This male person was, according to the activities undertaken so far, killed after detonating an explosive device and after he threw an explosive device…into the embassy compound,” the statement said, adding that there was no damage other than a crater from the explosion. Eyewitnesses also saw the assailant throw an object over the wall of the embassy compound, according to Steve Goldstein, the U.S. State Department’s undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs.

Police officials who are investigating and trying to establish the person’s identity said that the device was most probably a hand grenade. Reuters reported that the embassy was closed for issuing visas on Thursday and it warned U.S. citizens to stay away until further notice.

“The U.S. embassy in Podgorica advises U.S. citizens there is an active security situation at the U.S. embassy in Podgorica,” it said on its website.

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