Kelly’s Successor Still Not Determined

President Donald Trump is considering who to choose as a possible successor of Chief of Staff John Kelly, sources say. According to them, conversations on the matter are heating up, even though there has not been a decision yet.

CNN writes that Trump has been talking to associates and discussing a possible replacement. The scrutiny, it adds, intensified following Tuesday’s testimony by FBI Director Christopher Wray, who blamed the White House of keeping Porter employed despite him being accused of physical abuse, which the West Wing was aware of.

Kelly faced criticism following his handling of allegations of physical abuse made against former White House aide Rob Porter. Even though he didn’t tender his official resignation, Kelly said that should President Trump asked that of him, he would resign immediately.

A source noted that when Kelly realized the problem, he tried to do damage-control, which was in fact, just a cover-up that included people staying quiet or saying things which were untrue. Another source claimed that Kelly was in over his head with personnel issues and that he has been hurt by his inappropriate handling of the Porter allegations this week, as well as by calls for his resignation.

Talks of who his successor might be, according to sources, center on chief economic adviser Gary Cohn, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney.

McCarthy reportedly said that he didn’t want the job because, a source said, he may be more valuable to the White House in his current role in Congress. Cohn could be a good candidate to become chief of staff because he is not afraid to push back, a source said.

He criticized President Trump for his reaction to a racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, saying that Trump’s handling of the situation caused him “distress” and the administration must do better to condemn hate groups.

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