Strong Economy, Tax Reform Help Trump’s Numbers Rise

President Donald Trump’s approval rating recently hit 40 percent due to the strong economy and quickly changing numbers on tax reform, a new Quinnipiac poll showed on Wednesday.

According to CNN, this is his best score in the past seven months, with 51 percent approving of how the president is handling the economy. Seventy percent of voters said the U.S. economy is excellent or good, the best mark on this question in the past 17 years. An even higher percentage, 75%, are satisfied with their personal financial situation.

Four other polls have recently shown Trump’s approval ratings going up in the past two months. The latest Gallup and CNN polls also put him at 40 percent.

Another first was that 48 percent said that President Trump, rather than former President Barack Obama, is responsible for the strong economy of the state. This represents a reversal from the 49-40% advantage Obama previously had and an even more notable contrast to Obama’s 67-19% advantage last March.

In terms of Trump’s handling of taxes, 45% approve while 47% disapprove, the poll shows. It still represents an increase of 10 points from a 35 percent just before the Republican tax reform bill passed. The max measure as well saw a jump in approval of 13 points since it passed, when only 26 percent approved.

Americans are almost evenly split on whether the tax plan will increase or decrease their own taxes, 28-27 percent. This change in numbers is quite drastic, considering 44% believed it would increase and 16% that it would decrease their taxes. However, the majority of people, 62%, still believe – as they did in November – that the bill mostly favors the rich.

More people than before also have a favorable view of the Republican Party. Before tax reform was passed, only 24 percent viewed the GOP favorably, whereas now 32% do so. Still, a slim majority of 51% view the government unfavorably.

This Quinnipiac University poll was conducted February 2-5, 2018, among 1,333 registered voters.

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