Tucker Carlson Knocks ‘Aspiring MSNBC Contributor’ Comey for Ridiculing GOP Memo

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went after James Comey on Friday for the former FBI director’s response to the release of a declassified GOP memo, calling him an “aspiring MSNBC contributor,” The Hill reports.

Comey earlier Friday mocked the release of the memo, drafted by staff for House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), which alleges that FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) officials abused a surveillance program.

“That’s it?” Comey had tweeted in part. His tweet referred to the memo as “dishonest and misleading” and urged the agencies to press forward with their duties.

Carlson slammed the response on his show Friday night.

“Comey took to Twitter today not to … address the facts the memo raised, but to mock the release of the memo like the aspiring MSNBC contributor he apparently is,” he said.

“He didn’t bother to explain how it was ‘dishonest and misleading.’ Of course he didn’t. Comey, who leaked his notes on private meetings with the president in a petty revenge move after being fired, is now declaring it beyond the pale somehow for Congress to carry out its constitutional duties of oversight of the FBI,” Carlson said.

The former FBI director, who was fired by President Trump last May, has recently taken to tweeting commentary on controversies surrounding the Trump administration.

After the FBI released a rare statement earlier this week condemning the release of the memo on the basis that it omits important context, Comey praised the FBI for “speaking up” against “weasels and liars.”

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