Trump Gloats as Democrats Cave on Shutdown

President Donald Trump praised the end of the government shutdown as a “big win for Republicans” in a tweet he published on Monday night, implying that Democrats have lost and surrendered in the battle over the government shutdown.

“Big win for Republicans as Democrats cave on Shutdown. Now I want a big win for everyone, including Republicans, Democrats and DACA, but especially for our Great Military and Border Security. Should be able to get there. See you at the negotiating table!,” Trump wrote on Twitter only a few hours after he signed the stop-gap funding bill that reopened the government.

According to The Hill, Democrats had insisted before the shutdown began Friday on including in any spending bill protections for those covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but by Monday they signed onto a bill to fund the government until February 8 without them.

“I am pleased that Democrats in Congress have come to their senses,” Trump commented earlier.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised Democrats that he will hold a debate on a bill that will extend protections for DACA. However, the deal offers no assurances that such a bill will pass the Senate.

“Today’s cave by Senate Democrats — led by weak-kneed, right-of-center Democrats — is why people don’t believe the Democratic Party stands for anything,” said the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee Stephanie Taylor.

“These weak Democrats hurt the party brand for everyone and make it harder to elect Democrats everywhere in 2018,” she added.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer is coming under criticism from his own party in the aftermath of a fight that shut down the government for three days and left Democrats with little to show for it.

Some of Schumer’s Democratic colleagues have questioned the wisdom of getting into a three-day standoff with Republicans over a stopgap-spending bill and then backing down after Mitch McConnell offered a modest concession.

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